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Our Story

Sue Ellen Investment House is a fresh voice in targeted private equity investments, offering an agile and creative investment strategy based on a unique, first-hand experience in business entrepreneurship.

We focus on women-related industries like FemTech, Women's Health, and Wellness, targeting investors and entrepreneurs interested in and passionate about innovation and business that promotes a gender-balanced environment. 

Who We Are

Sue Ellen Investments is led by accomplished businesswomen with almost 100 years of collective experience in entrepreneurship and innovation, international business and finance, life science, medical devices, pharma and technology.

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Malin Lundberg Müller


Malin Lundberg Müller is an internationally experienced legal counsel with a great understanding of business development and entrepreneurship. Having combined her legal career with a passion for building business Malin has founded and co founded a range of companies in Sweden and abroad. 

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Anna Tenstam


Anna Tenstam has over 30 years of leadership experience in pharmaceutical, medical device and medical aesthetics companies worldwide. She serves as Fundraising and Board executive for pharma and medical devices companies, and as National project lead for Female Health Network. Anna mentors aspiring businesspeople who are looking to enter the medical industry, and coaches young entrepreneurs.

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Orily Pratt

Marketing, Strategy & BD

Orily Pratt is a highly experienced international business professional. In addition to her Marketing and Strategy consultancy, she serves as a business coach for the EU Commission, supporting growth and innovation for granted companies of EIC Accelerator. Prior to that, Orily held senior marketing and business positions in growing startups and established global enterprises

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Our Vision

At Sue Ellen Investments, we aim to create a balanced and nurturing environment and a creative and supportive hub for our stakeholders, focusing on women-related innovation and business. 

Our future holds an exciting opportunity for those who support FemTech, Women’s Health and other women-related business, seek a balanced investment environment, and aim to promote women’s leadership.


Our Strategy

Sue Ellen Investments was created “for all womankind”.

We welcome investors and companies, who have a deep interest in FemTech, Women's Health, Life Science and Wellness, and have a passion for innovation and business from a gender-balanced perspective.
Investing in innovation
For women

We aim our investments towards companies specializing in Femtech, Women's Health, Life Science and Wellness, seeking those who cultivate innovation that serves women’s needs and desires.

We welcome all private equity investors - men and women - to invest in these rapidly growing industries, and nurture the future of health and well-being.

Creating financial value
By women

While offering investment opportunities to all private equity investors, we acknowledge the differences in investment and risk perception between genders.

We provide a unique investment environment for our investors, setting a well-balanced ecosystem by positively engaging and motivating female investors and entrepreneurs. 

Promoting leadership
With women

We see entrepreneurial leadership as a key factor in successful investments, thus aiming to enhance suitable leadership in our portfolio companies.

Within that scope, we devote significant sponsorship to gender-balanced and women-led businesses, aiming at enhancing and promoting opportunities for female founders and managers.


Deep Industry Knowledge

Our team offers invaluable insight into our core industries and a variety of sub-market niches.  Thanks to the depth of our experience, we can quickly identify and access key stakeholders in these markets, assess market dynamics, and drive to a deeper understanding of the specific issues that challenge our portfolio companies.

Years of Hands-on Experience

Sue Ellen Investments is led by experienced executives who "sat at the other side of the table" for many years as entrepreneurs and leaders in innovative startups and growing companies. We know what it takes to turn great ideas into profitable businesses that impact their industry and beyond. We are looking to partner with hard-working, visionary entrepreneurs and help them build great, scalable companies.

International Network

We work closely with a rich network of global business partners and investors, built through the years of our personal experience in Europe, North America, China, Japan, and the Middle East. Our network includes regions with fast-paced innovation, like Israel, Sweden and the US, with international investors from a variety of financial environments.

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We offer our portfolio companies hands-on involvement in their business to ensure their – and our – long-term success.

We lend our experience to these companies as board members, in management positions, or as advisors and mentors to support them in achieving their goals.


Each investment round grants our portfolio companies with a free package of support hours, depending on the investment scope. These packages can be extended at a reduced fee for longer-term support.

We offer support in:
Global  Commercialization
IP Strategy
Legal Counselling
Brand & Marketing Strategy
Distribution & Sales
Regulatory & QA
International Business Development



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